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Phol Water Co., Ltd.

One of the subsidiaries of Phol Dhanya Public Company Limited, the leader in safety management and environmental pollution prevention in all sectors. Based on the core policy of the Group of companies that need to provide comprehensive safety and environmental services. Makes management and personnel experienced in environmental and safety management for a long time. Together, Waterloo Limited is set up to meet the needs of the water market. Water Treatment – Waste Waste water recycling And environmental solutions By serving customers covering all areas. Both industrial and community sectors.

Waterpower Company Limited has a policy to focus and focus on quality and service. To maximize customer satisfaction. And reduce environmental pollution to society. Based on proven experience and efficient after sales service. Combined with knowledge Expertise To analyze and solve the problem of integrated pollution. Therefore, we are accepted by many customers.

Our services cover the analysis of problems and causes of customers’ pollution, design and selection, efficient treatment and disposal of pollutants. Offer construction products and equipment to customers with the right technology. Including counseling in every. About the treatment system in the water, wastewater, waste water reuse. As well as services. Related

  • System maintenance and service Maintenance of machinery
  • Cleaning service Cleaning system And equipment in the system, such as membrane cleaning, CIP, UF & RO etc.
  • Filter service Include expired filter removal.
  • Improved survey work to reduce operating costs.

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Contact Us If you are interested in our services. For more information, please call 02 791 0111.