Water Purification

Our company offers to design and install water filters for both indoor and outdoor consumption. It can be designed according to water conditions. And customer needs By dividing the filtration system as follows.

  • RO Reverse Osmosis
  • UF (Ultra Filtration) Filtration
  • Filtration using a filter system
  • DI filtering (Dionized)
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Reverse Osmosis water purifier brand Pentair PRF-RO suitable for office, factory, cafeteria, restaurant, restaurant, hotel, work without electricity. And without a water tank. Just go through the tap with pressure not less than 40 psi or 2.76 bar. Easy to install, space saving. And the standard of drinking water quality.

  • Works with low pressure 40 psi or 76 bar.
  • The water capacity is 2,200 liters per day.
  • No electric water pump And do not need a water tank.
  • GE’s high efficiency membranes have less wastewater on the system.
  • Sturdy structure High impact resistance
  • Auto-Flushing.
  • Fiber dyne Carbon Block in Pre-Filter is more effective in trapping dust, smells and colors than coarse or carbon filters.

UF Filter (Ultra Filtration)

Many types of membranes are used in water production processes for a variety of purposes. By design, the system considers the use of the primary therapy system. The best skin conditioning treatment is to protect the membrane and extend the life of the membrane, while also taking into account energy savings.

p tank

Membrane filtration system

The pressure tank is used in conjunction with various filters. Taking into account the characteristics of water to bring a large number of secondary To meet customer demand for quality water filters suitable for the type of water used. The filter is also designed to be small. Easy to install and ready to use. By the tank system will use the whole washing process. And continuous filtering

Sand filter / anthracite / multimedia
Sand, sand, anthracite or multimedia sand is an effective system for the removal of suspended solids, turbidity and colloids by the use of sand of various sizes as a layer of filter. Or maybe use a mixture of filter materials between the anthracite sand to increase the efficiency of the filter. Typically, this filter system is used in the initial treatment phase. Or with other systems most effectively.

Activated carbon tank
Carbon filters are effective in absorbing chlorine residues, organic substances, oxidants.
And so the use of activated carbon is a normal filter. The filter system is used in the basic treatment of sand filters. Or with other systems most effectively.

fabric softener
The resin filter (hardness filter) is a cation resin system that eliminates water hardness from less than 5 ppm to CaCO3. It is designed for ease of use and ease of use. Compatible with the system.
Automatic water treatment system prior to entering the RO or Cooling Tower to reduce the hardness before entering the system.

Steel filter tank
Steel and manganese filter tanks are efficient systems for oxidizing or exchanging electrodes of iron and manganese in water with a small amount prior to entering other systems. Using manganese oxide or manganese, the zeolite is a regular filter. Raw water contains iron or manganese not more than 5 ppm and this filter is used in the initial treatment step before the sand filter. To change the shape of iron and manganese soluble solid. And filtered by the sand filter system with it anyway. For maximum performance

Plate Clarifier
Septic tanks can efficiently remove sludge from raw water. And reduce settling time. Compared to conventional sedimentation tanks.

p hybrid

DI filtering (Dionized)

Aion Removal System for water used to produce boiled water. To fulfill the customer’s objective of bringing purified water to the production process. Also, the water-in-water removal system is designed to operate at constant rates in both quantity and quality. In addition, the system is designed to take into account the economical use of regenerated chemicals as well as wastewater from rehabilitation. It is also designed to be easy to handle and disposal.