Water Treatment

Our company designs and installs wastewater treatment systems to meet standards before releasing to the public to reuse or contract the wastewater treatment plant to the factory. The charge is based on the amount of wastewater treated. It can treat wastewater according to the wastewater conditions and customer requirements. The company has experienced staff. A team of engineers who specialize in treating wastewater to help the plant walk the healing system. To consult Solve problems and improve system performance continuously. The company provides the following wastewater treatment services:

Construction services Assembling tank, sedimentation tank, reaction tank, filter tank, aerator, electrical cabinet, control cabinet And install all kinds of equipment in the wastewater treatment system.

Distribute sediment treatment machine Installation and maintenance services

Principles of operation – sludge from sedimentation tanks and sedimentation tanks are dried up so that the sludge volume is reduced by dry sludge. Extruded water is returned to the treatment system, while the rolled-up sediment is disposed of legally or used in industrial facilities. Depending on the type of sediment. There are many types of sediment treatment machines. Suppliers include Xinyuan Filter Press, Belt Press and Andritz Decanter, both Manual and Automatic depending on customer requirements.


Design and construction services Reusable Water Treatment System

Design and construction of a system for reusing recycled water. Through a powerful filtration system. Can be used as water to continue. It is suitable for community and industrial areas that do not want to discharge wastewater into public water sources (Zero Discharge) and to reduce the cost of water supply at high rates.