Filter tank


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Filter tank is able to use for verities volumes of water and many type of filter for many application such as household and industry. Available in various sizes as required.

•  Our FRP TANK is a brand of PENTAIR (USA).
• Can be used with many type of filter media such as Sand, carbon, resin, anthracite .
• The material used for the outer surface is durable, made of epoxy coated fiber, the inner is made of corrosion-resistant PE plastic
• The filter tank is lighter than the material. It is about 1/3 of the metal.
• The tank is blue and cream in color, the mouth of the tank is a one-way top. Thread size 2.5 inches, 4 inches
• Can be connected to a manual or automatic control head valve.
• The filter tank has a diameter. 8"-18" withstands pressures up to 150 psi 10.5 bar.

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